The Resume

Step 1
Use these helpful samples. Technical Skills Resume (.pdf) | Helping Professions Resume (.pdf)

Step 2
Compose your objective. Two good formulas are: 1) A Summer 20XX internship with (Organization Name), or 2) A Summer 20XX internship to offer my skills in (name your skills) and to gain experience in (name the experience you seek with their organization).

Step 3
Outline your education section by following the samples. List significant coursework to help the internship site know where you are in your studies. Refer to the Helping Professions Resume.  

Step 4 
If you are in a field of study characterized by specific skills that need to be identified, list those skills together under one heading such as Relevant Skills. Refer to the Technical Skills Resume.

Step 5
Make a list of experiences you have had in college. Pull from involvement such as volunteering, research, jobs, clubs/organizations, athletics, study abroad, performance, and military.

Step 6
Organize your experiences under section headings to highlight your skills: Related Experience, Significant Coursework, Volunteer Experiences, Campus and Community Leadership, Leadership & Involvement, Selected Work Experience, Additional Experience.

Step 7
If you have had part-time or summer jobs that lend themselves well to identifying your transferable skills (skills of value everywhere such as providing excellent customer service and training new employees), it is a good idea to have a heading, Selected Work Experience.

Step 8
Describe experiences in detail, starting with a power verb, quantify your experiences with numbers, figures, and dollar amounts, and age ranges whenever possible. Power Word List (.pdf)
For example: Increased chapter membership from 10 to 45 within 2 academic terms; exceeded membership goals and enhanced new member retention by launching a revised new member orientation.
For example: Provided excellent care for 2 children ages 4 and 6 during workweek; asked by parents to serve as babysitter on weekends and holidays at children’s request.

Step 9
Place experiences under headings with the most recent experience listed first. Identifying place of work, location (city and state), your title, and dates in the same order with each entry.

Step 10
Take your rough draft to your career counselor for help with the final version.