The Cover Letter

Step 1
Take a look at this example cover letter and use it as your guide. Example Cover Letter (.doc)

Step 2
Address your letter to a specific person. If the site will not offer you a person’s name, address your letter to “Dear Internship Supervisor”. Do not use “To Whom It May Concern”.

Step 3
Use business letter format. Your cover letter should not exceed one page. Be clear and concise.

Step 4
In your first paragraph, state the position for which you are applying to avoid any confusion or error. Include how you learned about the internship. 

Step 5
In the following paragraph(s), emphasize two main points. Explain how the internship fits into your career plans. Identify key skills you have to offer to the internship.

Step 6
Your last paragraph is an ideal place to acknowledge their time and thank them. You may also repeat your phone contact information.

Step 7
Typos, incorrect grammar, or poor sentence structure will be your application’s kiss of death. Seek the assistance of your career counselor.