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Post an Internship

We offer internship hosts the opportunitiy to connect with Appalachian State students and post internship opportunities through Handshake. Handshake is a networking platform used for recruiting college students across the nation. The steps below will guide you through the process of posting your internship opportunities for our students to see.

Create your Handshake account
If you do not already have a Handshake account, you will need to create one and connect with Appalachian State University in order for your internship opportunities to be seen by our students. To create your account, go to the Handshake registration page and complete the requested information. After your account is created and you've requested to connect with Appalachian, our Employer Relations team will review/approve your request and then you'll be able to post your internship. For more detailed information, visit our guide for creating your Handshake account.

Get connected to the appropriate department/college
After your Handshake account is set up, if this is your first time being an internship host for Appalachian, we'll want to connect you to the appropriate department or college for the students you are looking to host. To connect you with the right person, we need some additional information about the nature of the internship(s) you plan to fill. Please provide this information by completing this form. Once provided, you can proceed with posting your internship in Handshake.

Post your internship in Handshake
Once your Handshake account is set up and you're connected with Appalachian, you can post your internship. To create the posting, log into Handshake and provide the details of the internship opportunity. Be sure to select Appalachian State University as the school to which you want to post the position. After you have successfully created your internship posting, our Employer Relations team will review/approve it and it will become visible to our students. For more detailed information, visit our guide for posting your internship.