Disney College Program and Appalachian State

The Disney College Program offers options for students and recent graduates to live and learn at Disney World and Disney Land Resorts. You may opt to be a part-time student at Appalachian State by earning academic credit while at Disney. It is also possible to participate in the Disney College Program immediately upon graduation as long as you apply and are accepted to Disney while you are an enrolled student.

Disney College Program seasons of entry-level internships
Spring (spring semester)
Spring Advantage (spring and summer)
Fall (fall semester)
Fall Advantage (fall and summer)

Recruiting and selection take place the semester before departure. Students must complete an on-line application at the link below. Applications go live for the fall and fall advantage programs in early January and in early September for the spring and spring advantage programs.

New college graduates are welcome to participate and must apply to the Disney College Program while an enrolled student.

Appalachian State University Policy
Per Appalachian State University policy, second semester Freshmen and first semester transfer students are not allowed to participate in the Disney College Program. Make plans to apply and participate with Disney later in your course of study. 

Additional Resources

For quick questions, contact Sharon Jensen, 828-262-2832.
To request an appointment to discuss logistics for earning AppState credit and the Disney Collegiate Courses with Sharon, send her your availability at jensensc@appstate.edu